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Technical Website Audits

We provide a combination of organic website audits and technical website audits. These two combined can help provide your company with a much better View of what is happening to your overall Website at that time.

With a technical website audit, We look at the technical side of your website, to see what issues may be holding it back and preventing it from. Performing to its best abilities in the search engines.

We will review your website in detail, covering many Aspects with websites that can cause issues. A few of the items covered are  site architecture review, on-page optimization, targeted keyword review, content review, website interlinking, Url canonicalization, Technical on-page/on-site issues, http errors and more.

Many times there are a combination of internal and external factors that could be providing negative results for your website. Some external factors that could be affecting your site are the actual incoming links to your website pages and social media avenues.

With our technical website audit, we always follow the recommended guidelines to make sure that all suggestions provided are safe. It is of utmost importance that your website is following all the proper recommended rules, So that it does not encounter any other possible problems with the search engines.

With any website audit, We also need to take into consideration an organic website audit. With an organic audit, we review your website rankings and  traffic from the major search engines. We need to determine How your website is currently performing for the current keywords From various traffic sources. This data is used to help pinpoint any possible problem areas.

Using a combination of an organic audit and technical website audit will provide you with much for the picture of what needs to be done for your campaign help moving forward.

Making sure your website is propertly optimized and no technical issues is very important. We can review your site to see if there are any issues.

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