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Manning Search Marketing provides a full range of Search Engine Marketing services. Our SEM services are available for new and existing businesses looking to enhance their website marketing campaign either on a global or local setting. We have basic (starter) packages to full custom packages designed to meet all campaign needs. SEM Services vary depending the actual needs and requirements of the website and the site owner. Services can include SEM Campaign, SMM (Social Media Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

We can help advise which marketing route is best for your company. We understand the importance of each stage of your digital internet marketing campaign, from choosing the proper keywords for your SEM campaign to finding the right trusted links that will help give your website a solid foundation and succeed in today’s competitive market.


PPC Management

Need traffic and leads now? Adwords and BingAds could be your answer. An effective way to get traffic now.

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SEO Strategy

Organic SEO is still a game changer and a vital part of a marketing campaign. An important part of your marketing puzzle.

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Link Building

From citation to link building. These are some of the building blocks still needed to help connect your site online can increase your traffic and leads.

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Social Media

The social aspect is a great way to connect with new customers. Include social with your marketing campaign.

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Web Design

Looking for a new design? Ask us about our WordPress Designs.

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Web Maintenance

We can handle your website updates, content additions or any website maintenance that you require.

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Marketing Strategy

With today’s marketing strategy, this will change from business to business. We can develop tailored solutions for your business. Find the best marketing solution to help you reach your audience. The marketing world is more that just SEO. Let us connect your marketing to your customers.


A social campaign is an important part of a companies total marketing strategy. Finding effective ways to reach your audience is  important. Keeping your potential customers informed and connected is an important part of your marketing equation.

Citation & Linking Strategy

Citations and Link Building both help to build a strong foundation for a business. This part of the marketing equation is needed to help build the overall success and longevity.


Reviews are an important part for a marketing strategy, Authentic reviews are essential for any business and getting the right kind of reviews to help prosper your business is highly needed.

Marketing Solutions custom tailored for your Business. From SEO, PPC to Social Media. We will help find the best areas for your business to succeed.

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