How to Redirect index.html After a WordPress Migration

Often after converting your website from static HTML to WordPress, you may encounter an issue with your index.html page. Now you could of used default.htm, index.htm or others as the home landing page for your website. It is important to have this property redirected. First so users are not getting a 404 error when finding this page, and second any websites that happen to be linking to your index.html page, you want to take full advantage of those links are direct all this goodness to your root domain.

The Issue Encountered

When migrating a static HTML site to WordPress, There will normally be an index.html, default.htm as so on. Normally with creating a redirect with htaccess, you would employ using the following.

redirect 301 /index.html

But if you have tried this, then you are aware this causes a redirect loop and an 500 error code so your page is not loading correctly.

The Resolution

Over the history of your website, you may have had a few different versions/extensions used for your homepage. With the example below, all you have to do is copy the coding. Change the example website url to your own website, and place it at the very beginning of your htaccess file.

Make sure you have a backup file of your htaccess. Just incase something goes wrong and you need to upload the old file quickly.

RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^.*/index.html
RewriteRule ^(.*)index.html$$1 [R=301,L]
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^.*/index.htm
RewriteRule ^(.*)index.htm$$1 [R=301,L]
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^.*/default.html
RewriteRule ^(.*)default.html$$1 [R=301,L]
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^.*/default.htm
RewriteRule ^(.*)default.htm$$1 [R=301,L]

Make sure you test out your website to make sure it is loading properly. Also, use Google’s Fetch and Render tool to make sure everything is working properly.

Local Scarcity

A posting from Seth Godin touches on Local Scarcity. What a great topic to cover. This one is especially important for the local area that I live in here in Corner Brook Newfoundland.

Before there was a local Walmart here, and before Amazon was the power house that is is now. There were a lot more choice with local businesses. Some previous local businesses had a monopoly on the market which is to be expected in a small city pre-online shopping and pre-walmart. Continue reading

Yelp vs Google – Battle of the Review Solicitation

March 20, 2018 by Gerard Manning

The battle of the reviews. On one side you have Google encouraging reviews, and on the other side you have Yelp stating a Review  Solicitation penalty. Two companies on different sides of how they deal with reviews. And on each site, reviews are big business and do matter. Continue reading

How to Fix Google My Business Invalid Address Issue

If you are dealing with changing/adding an address on your Google My Business location. From time to time you may encounter an issue that deals with the actual proper address. Recently an issue with a Postal Code came up with a client. The address was correct. Double checked with Canada Post for the proper postal code. All was good. Continue reading

Google My Business Invite not working? Try this Instead!

If you are not receiving your Google My Business Invites, this will help you. Chances are you have the one setting as seen below set to unsubscribe. This is how you can change your preferences and directly access all past Pending Invites from Google My Business Manager.

To access Google My Business Notification Settings

  1. First click on the url
  2. Next, check your Brand Account Activity to see which selections that you may not be subscribed to.
  3. Select “You’re invited to manage a Brand Account
  4. That’s it. Your selection is automatically saved.

Continue reading

DMOZ Closes. Thoughts from a former Editor

The time for open directory  has closed. On March 14, 2017 they officially went off-line and it seems as though they have been forgotten as fast as it went offline sadly. Such potential. Seeing that in 2017 they had a full site redesign this is a tad bit surprising. Clearly they were looking for options for ways to entice people to keep them interested in open directory. Still the biggest factor for me like most was actually getting anything listed or changed for that matter. Continue reading

Canada’s anti-spam legislation

In-case you were not aware, Canada’s anti-spam legislation came into effect July 1, 2014.  This is important for companies and individuals to realize. We all still receive spam emails to our accounts, and when Canadian companies send out these unsolicited emails, then they are breaking Canada’s anti-spam legislation, and potentially could land them in trouble. Continue reading

AODA Compliance in Ontario

If you are an Ontario Business, you will need to know about AODA Compliance, and the size of your company will matter regarding if your company will need to comply, or not. According to the website, regarding AODA Compliance. The main targets are all Government sites, any private/non-profit with more than 50 employees. Self-employed and companies with less than 50 employees are off the hook. Continue reading

Google PageRank is Discontinued

Oh what a shame, PageRank is now dead and will no longer be available. While it will be used by Google in the backend if things, we as users will no longer see it. Google Page rank has not really been updated in the last couple years. Maybe at the end of 2013 I guess. But then again I wasn’t really expecting, waiting for it, or even relying on it. How useful can’t really be if it’s only twice a year. So much can change in a few weeks or months that this number cannot always be accurate on our side of things. Continue reading

Google’s Search Location Filter Removal

The Removal of Google’s Search Location Filter

Google has recently removed its search location filter (this is December 2015). One the uses for this filter was the ability to change the location of your city. This way you could choose to search from Toronto or from Edmonton and so on, and have the results tailored for that area. The main reason for the removal is that it was getting low use. Continue reading

How to Post anonymously on Google+

Part of the issue many have with posting reviews on Google+ is that Google uses your Google Account Profile full name when associating it with your review. So, you want to write a review, but still leave it somewhat anonymous, this is the next best solution (for now). Continue reading

Google’s Mobile-friendly Ranking Signal

Were you ready for April 21 2015?  Google will be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in their Search Results.  This transformation will affect mobile searches worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google’s search results. Ultimately this designed to make finding relevant searches for users.

This is a great move by Google. If you think about the ways that you search online, most likely you have a variety of ways to access the world wide web, either a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Having a website that can adapt to all devices is essentially for moving forward in 2015.

Just think about the sites that you visit on your smartphone that are not properly optimized for your screen. The font is way too small and virtually impossible to read. The site is hard to navigate and/or the site loads slowly. Continue reading

DuckDuckGo, IOS & Paid Advertising

Every so often we hear about a non-Google search engine that may look to take some of the search share away. The latest search engine in question is DuckDuckGo. With the release of Apples IOS8, DuckDuckGo will be the default search engine with Safari. Continue reading

Small Business Website Guide to Getting Online – Beginners Guide

I’ve been wanting to have an updated small business website guide that would provide new small local businesses and non-profit organizations a helping start on how to enter the online world. From registering a domain, local/social options, hosting and design options. Here in Newfoundland, there are many great small and local businesses that may need a little guidance on what to do, and may not be sure where to start. Continue reading

301 Redirect VS the Canonical Tag

The Canonical URL tag has many similarities to the 301 Permanent redirect from an SEO standpoint. With a Canonical URL tag, you are letting the search engines know that the pages should count as one, while still leaving all the pages online for visitors. With a 301 Permanent redirect, this actually forwards the users to the new url. There may be cases where you are not able to implement a 301 redirect, and in these cases, the Canonical URL tag is a good option. Continue reading

Evolution of Link Building with Selected Google Algorithm Updates

When asking if Link building is dead, this tends to mainly relate to forms of link building so in that manner, certain forms of link building no longer become useful, as it tends to get overused, abused and pushed beyond Google’s ethical link building limits. So in that sense, that form of link building does die to a certain extent. In late 2013 early 2014, Google HummingBird targeted Guest Blogging and this once hot go to link building tactic is no longer as effective. Continue reading

Top Search Engine Sites from 2005 to 2013

Main Search Entities are shown in the first table (Google, Yahoo and MSN). As posted in our previous top search engines from 2002 – 2005, Google in 2002 had approximately 16% of search share, and going to Dec 2013, Google sites are showing to have over 67%. On July 29, 2009, a 10-year deal was announced that Microsoft would have full access to Yahoo!’s search engine to be used in future Microsoft projects for its search engine, Bing. Google Currently provides primary search results for AOL. BING provides primary search results and paid results for Yahoo Continue reading

Top Search Engines from 2002 to 2005

Looking back from 2002 to 2005, these are the top search engines in the U.S. along with their percentage of search engine traffic. Back in 2002 Google was NOT the major player that they are today. Back in March of 2002, Google had 16% of the top searches, with Yahoo providing 36% of the traffic.  In Dec 2013, Google sites received over 67% of traffic and Yahoo sites just over 10%. The nature of peoples search habits changed dramatically. Continue reading

301 Permanent Redirects on IIS with web.config

This Permanent redirect coding is for the web.config file on IIS and is for redirecting specific pages within your website to either another page within your site or outside of your website. 301 Permanent Redirects are helpful for passing on link juice/PageRank for your website/pages to another destination. A 301 Permanent Redirect is the best way to redirect and help maintain rankings/traffic for your website. Continue reading

The Problem with Duplicate Content in Google

Far too many times in the online printing industry, I have seen newly created online printing sites simply copy the content from other top companies (their direct competition), yes copy the exact contents word for word, and just use their own company name. You put so much time into the actual design of a website, why get lazy with the actual content? Continue reading

A Guide to Disavow Links in Google Search Console

From time to time, you may want to disavow links from certain websites you manage or own. There may be sites that you do not want your website associated with, possible link penalties and so on. You may find links from websites that you are not able to manually remove your link, so the next best option is to use the Disavow Link option with Google. Continue reading

Options for Categories & Tags in WordPress

When you have a WordPress site, you will notice that there are both Categories and Tags. We will assume that the Categories will be for your new articles/postings assigned to their proper category section.

A typical website structure can consist of a Homepage, Products/Services, Resources, About and Contact just to name a few. From there you may have a blog section for posting news/articles. This is typically used for your Postings assigned under Categories. Continue reading

Different forms of Spam that Annoy Me

The unsolicited door to doors salesman the other day prompted this annoying spam related article.

Unsolicited Door to Door Sales

I know, this isn’t web related spam, but non the less it’s usually unwanted and you can’t ignore it so easily as those Continue reading

Our Growing Dependence on the Internet

As the world of online social connecting continues to evolve, its surprising how dependent we are of it at times. Do you fiddle with your smart phone while watching TV, going to bed, or just when you wake up? I remember years and years ago (don’t want to state how long ago anymore) when things were just starting to rev up. The first computer that I had was a 100 MHz Pentium with windows 95 and just under 2 gigs, okay, might of slightly given away how long ago. One of the first search engines that I used were HotBot and AltaVista and things were crawling at a snails pace. Continue reading

When to expect Results & Rankings in the search engines (Google, BING & Yahoo)

A common question people have is, when should I start to see results from my campaign? With Organic results in the search engines (the free listings in the search engines), results are not instantaneous. If you have a time sensitive promotion, then you should also consider incorporating Pay Per Click to market your products and/or services as you can control exactly how much your site will come up in the sponsored listings. Continue reading

Designing Search Engine Friendly Website

This article touches on some common  web Design Mistakes that are sometimes encountered with a design. These suggestions are aimed for Improved Optimization.

After I initially designed my website, I thought this would be a good time to touch on designing a search engine friendly site. This is a very important stage, and its important that your newly built website will not need to have any major changes just to make it search engine friendly. Continue reading

The Importance of Having Unique Content

Previously, I talked about the problem with mirror sites and duplicate content. Today, I will touch on this a little further hopefully helping those that might take a page from someone else’s site just so they can get some quick content, to show them the problem with this and what they should do. Continue reading

What are Doorway/Gateway Pages

I am really surprised when reading through the forums on a daily basis, the number of people that think or end up using doorway pages for their websites and think that it is alright. Essentially, never try to trick the search engines and always go for quality! Continue reading

Do You Own Your Domain Name?

People invest lots of time and money promoting their domain name and it takes time to have a well established website. Its important that you make sure you own your domain name. If you did not actually register your domain name (had a friend or someone else register it for you). It would be a good idea to make sure you have control over it and its in your name. I have personally seen it happen where a disgruntle employee happen to register the company business name under his own name/account, and would not relinquish the url after he was fired/let go. Continue reading

Link building: One/Two Way & Link Swapping

The nature of link building is constantly changing. A good portion of the work on a campaign is devoted to Link Building on a monthly basis as link building is one of the main factors of ranking in the search engines. Good quality authoritative links are needed to help with a websites. So I thought I would provide some information on link building to help you understand the process a little better. Continue reading

Writing Content for your Website

So you have your site template designed, its great looking and has a search engine friendly design. The two main questions you may have now are, one how much content will I need, and two, how many pages?

First of all, your content will have to be relevant and contain useable information for your viewers. You do not want to create doorway pages for your site. You want to have good quality pages, give the users the information that they want. Continue reading

Whats Bing? A look into Bing vs Google

What’s BING? (In short, BING is MSNs Search Engine.) That’s the question my fiancée (Now Wife) asked awhile ago when she was using my laptop when about to start a search query. I’ve just changed my homepage from Google to Bing on my laptop that I use mainly for personal (non work related) reasons. Continue reading

Finding a Reliable Hosting Company

Once I had my site designed, the next step was to find a reliable hosting company. This will take some research on your part as any hosting company will not do. There are many issues that will be covered below.MiM_05

The range for a hosting package can be anywhere from just a couple dollars per month to $200 or more on a monthly basis. You will have to decide on what you are looking for, whether it be virtual Continue reading

Optimizing and Building out a Website

Some common questions you may be asking are, how many pages will I need on my website and how should I use these with my optimization campaign.

Let them know what your page is about, and don’t spam

Ok, far too often I will be checking out some of the local company websites and far too often I see Continue reading

Switching Hosting Companies, How to Move a Website (To a Different Platform)

When switching hosting companies and/or changing the actual platform that your site is hosted on, windows or UNIX for example. There are some things that you will need to take into consideration. If your site is in ASP, then it will only work on a IIS Server (Windows Based platform). If you designed your site in HTML (using html/htm extensions), then you will have no problem moving to a new platform. Continue reading

The Problem with Multiple Websites and Duplicate Content

There are many valid reasons for registering multiple domain names for a company. You may want to protect your company name, or there’s just some other domains that you would like to have. But when it comes down to marketing your website. Its always best to focus your efforts into one main url. That being said, there are legitimate reasons for a business to have multiple websites. Continue reading

Strategies Overview

With today’s marketing strategy programs, there is more than just getting top rankings to achieving the desired success of your website. We have provided effective search engine optimization strategies for numerous clients in Canada, the USA, UK and beyond with qualified visitors to their site and improved results. internet marketing is proving one of the most cost effective ways for website promotion. Continue reading