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Getting straight to the point, dynamic websites at times can have problems getting indexed in the search engines. This is where a Url Rewriter comes in handy. What the Url Rewriter does is adds slashes in place of ? = # etc. creating a look of directories for spiders and the search engine spiders are able to read the urls and index the sites much more easy.

Most search engines do not like site that are dynamic that use “CFID” and “TOKEN”, the spider can get stuck in a loop so it avoids all such pages or aborts. Also, something that you should know, search engine spiders do not accept cookies, so if you have a site that forces cookies to enter your site, then the search engine spiders will not see/index those pages.

Url Rewriter Resources

Here are a few websites that you can research to find out which url rewriter is best for you.

For websites on Windows IIS servers, check out the following sites.

LinkFreeze is probably the easiest to implement. You will have to get your hosting company to implement linkfreeze and it can be installed on shared hosting sites as well.

  1. (Linkfreeze)

For Apache HTTP server they have there own rewriter:


These should help you on your way to having a static looking pages for your dynamic website.