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On today’s article I will share some thoughts on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. From the three, personally I like Facebook and twitter the best, Google+ is a distance 3rd.

When Facebook first started, for me and a lot of people it was new, exciting and lots people were joining up. I was rediscovering old friends and making new connections. I still use it daily keeping in touch with friends, what they are doing and so on. I am pretty sure most check their Facebook account moreso than their actual email account.

My introduction to twitter was mainly due to many annoyances with unwanted Facebook updates. As a result, I now use both Twitter and Facebook equally. But I use each for different means. I strictly keep Facebook for my personal life and not try to associate work with all that much. Some people like to incorporate work with Facebook, but for me all I can keep separate. While I do have a work Facebook account that is connected with my personal.

With Twitter and Facebook people can easily incorporate both for many personal and business uses, where one is complementing the other. There are enough differences between Twitter and Facebook that they are proving to work together into people’s everyday life, and business’s are interested in where the people are. Many businesses and people are on both Twitter and Facebook and actively using them and updating, reading and so on. It has become part of their daily social life, especially with their mobile smart phones.

With Twitter, I accidentally discover many new and interesting things, moreso than searching on Google these days. For myself, it is showing to be a great way to find new and interesting things that people are sharing. Plus, the quickness of the updates with Twitter on news items is top notch, much quicker than Google News. I tend to use Twitter as a I would With an RSS feed page. I have topics/categories for some items/news sources I like to keep track of, and using it this way for myself helps keep twitter under control from the constant tweets that are never ending.

With Google+, I personally find that they are trying to re-create a combination of Twitter or Facebook. With a lot of people I know, Twitter or Facebook is enough for their personal and daily use. That initial excitement that Facebook and Twitter had doesn’t seem to be there with Google+. Curiosity on Google+, sure. I know Many of my personal friends are most likely not going to have a Google+ account or if they do have one they won’t be checking in as much as with Facebook or Twitter.

With Google+ even though it is for me the most annoying of the top three social sites, is one that we cannot avoid. Google+ has now been incorporated into Google results, that is the big game changer. It is essentially forcing many businesses to sign up to start pushing Google+ business pages. It will be very interesting after a year to see how Google+ has grown compared to twitter Facebook and to see if it has captured the social eyes of the audience as Facebook and twitter have currently done so.

Some of my annoyances with Google+. On the iPhone, the Google+ app show’s the first few comments from everyone’s post, and this is extremely annoying when people posts a mini novel, especially when I’m not interested in what their comment is and its spammy. I would like to have the option to see the comment if I want. Also finding people/business’s/products is a much easier process (for myself) with Facebook and Twitter. What I do like about Google+ is that from the some of the main companies/people that I am following, they are not just copying from Facebook/Twitter updates, but coming up with different and more extensive and interesting updates.

I initially wrote this article with my iPhone Siri. Needless to say, there were some funny corrections I had to make, but it is enjoyable that the world we live in becomes more Star Trek like.