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Obtaining the desired top 10 or top 3 rankings in Google (sorry BING and Yahoo), is generally your most sought after goal. Realistically life should get easier once you gain that high ranking right? Not always.

At times, for certain keywords, or keyword categories may not provide the leads, conversions or sales that you want, or worst, your high rankings on certain keywords just further increase your spam email intake with little to no gain on your actual target market.

You may have looked at your Google Analytics and found that certain high ranking keywords are getting no leads (from your conversion tracking). Other things to consider in these situations are that people could be still in the research stage, there could be incoming calls that are not being tracked with Google Analytics.

Other issues that can arrive with low conversions is the design of your site, the content and call to actions. While you may notice that Google at times likes ugly sites, users will not always be won over by an ugly or less desirable website design. With ugly websites, here I am referring to sites that may have great content and/or are able to naturally gain good quality links that Google likes. Google doesn’t care how Google looking a site is, us the audience on the other hand, tend to take this into consideration more so.

If you go to a website that you want to make a purchase or find more information on, you want this task to be as easy as possible. Every one of us has found a site that it seems just about impossible to find out what the next steps are to further enquire about their services and/or products. With your own website, you need to keep this in mind as well, and have some testing done on your site to see if the calls to actions are working and easily attracting the interest of your audience. Remember it is all too easy for them to hit the back button and go to the next site on the list.

With your website, you also need to check that it is responsive and that everything is working when you use it on an IOS device or any other mobile device as more and more people are using these for their everyday searches.

For your website review, there are some common things to check out. You will need to see that the links in your site are working, all navigation’s are working properly and no 404 dead ends. We want to make sure that users and search engine spiders are able to properly crawl/navigate through out your site.

Periodic checking of your forms and checking that the thank-you pages are setup and still working properly is recommended. If you are using WordPress or any other CMS system that is updated on a regular basis, you will want to test after each update.

If you find that the content on a certain page is not working, it may be time to rework that page and start testing. It is always to keep track of the data regarding that page (keywords, rankings, etc) as changing the content can affect the rankings for that page and your site if not done correctly.

With organic rankings, these tend to take a bit of time to achieve, and in some extremely competitive industries rankings will take a bit longer. In these situations, if you have the budget available, testing out potential keywords you want to focus your organic campaign on with Google Adwords, can potentially save you a lot of time (potentially wasted time). Being able to narrow down to your preferred selection of keywords that do convert via Adwords and then implementing these into your organic campaign can help your entire campaign and save you time on wasted keywords.