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The info.txt file was used with Alexa ( to help update/verify your website. has since changed how they update the websites, so the info.txt file is no longer needed. If you want to update/add your listing, all you have to do is

  1. Go to, create an account,
  2. Then go to Dashboard > Claim Your Site. Or
  3. Update your website info and click on Claim Your Site .
    • You will have two options for verifying, very similar to Google Webmaster verification methods. you will see two verification methods. One is uploading a file to your website, second is adding a meta tag. Once this is done, then you can go ahead and edit your website listing.
  4. Alexa may not have a free plan anymore, so monthly options now may have to be paid depending on the services you are looking for.

Is the info.txt file really needed? Best thing to do is check your listing in You can opt to submit changes via their site, or you can upload your info.txt file. It’s not a must have for your website, but it would be good to make sure that your listing info is correct. Also, they use the NoFollow tag when linking to your website, so no link juice will pass on.

If you did have your listing verified before with the info.txt file,with Alexa  you may need to add your website to your profile again for making changes, but it should still have your old info from the info.txt file.