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Oh what a shame, PageRank is now dead and will no longer be available. While it will be used by Google in the backend if things, we as users will no longer see it. Google Page rank has not really been updated in the last couple years. Maybe at the end of 2013 I guess. But then again I wasn’t really expecting, waiting for it, or even relying on it. How useful can’t really be if it’s only twice a year. So much can change in a few weeks or months that this number cannot always be accurate on our side of things.

Google PageRank is Dead

I recall some web directories that would require a certain page rank just to be listed. I always found this requirement to be very flawed. Solely to base a websites usefulness and worthiness on a PageRank number is a very lazy and not a true representation of the actual website. Often it would seem it would be either a four page rank or a five page rank. So if your PageRank wasn’t high enough then you’re out of luck. The actual usefulness and quality of a website should not be based solely on one little metric as PageRank.

The Temptation to try and manipulate a websites page rank solely to increase that number, by any means necessary could put a website in jeopardy. Breaking Google’s quality guidelines, can potentially lead you to a drop in traffic via a Google placed penalty. Fun stuff hey?

With Google page rank now gone. The actual manipulation of things will still be there. That is one aspect building that will never go away. Pushing the lines of Google’s link building quality guidelines will never go away.

The long-term success and longevity of the website should always be taken into consideration. It takes a lot of time and money to get a website up and running. While shortcuts can be tempting, the longevity of your website should not be put in jeopardy for a quick fix.

While the official nail in the coffin from Google on Page rank is now done, most of us have forgotten (myself at least) and/or not relied on it at all.

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