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With the above screenshot, just under the Over 30 providers nearby, these are companies that are participating in Google Guaranteed Local Ads. To be enlisted in these, the companies have to go through background checks with Google in order to qualify, but that’s another topic and not one for here. Anyways, you’ll notice that not all the listings have the Google Guaranteed and Green Check mark listed with it. With a call to Google Local Support, they informed us that in cases like this, only the companies that have their ads currently active at this time will have the green check mark, and that if any other listings do happen to show without the green check mark, those businesses in question currently have their ads paused. When the ads are active, all calls are recorded and available in Google Local Ads account. When the ads are not active, the calls are not recorded, and the calls go straight to the main phone number. So, essentially these are free ads according to Google Support.