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Are you a nonprofit organization? Good news, just in-case you were not aware, Google has a Google Grants program available (for sometime now), and this is a nonprofit edition of their AdWords, Google’s advertising tool. The Bad news, there are only limited number of slots available so it may not be available in your region. Google Grants NonProfit SEO PPC Campaigns

Google grants is a great way for nonprofit organizations to get an extra push with traffic in Google via their paid advertising listings. In addition to getting free traffic via Google, using a PPC campaign is a good way to determine keywords that can be beneficial for your Organic SEO campaign. Ultimately using a combination of Nonprofit SEO/PPC campaigns can help benefit your overall marketing campaign.

Ok, on to the details….

With Google grants, you are given a daily budget that is set to $329 USD which is equal to about $10,000 per month. The tricky part with all of this is that your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) limited to $2.00 USD. The CPC can very easily rise very high, so you will be needing to have a wide keyword coverage and detailed campaign to help use up the allotted allowance per day and monthly.

With Google Grants Ads, your keywords and listings must pertain to your charity, so you wouldn’t be able to have a keyword campaign for selling MP3 Players. Keywords and ads have to pertain to your charity organization keyword market

  • A daily budget set to $329 USD, which is equal to $10,000 per month
  • A maximum CPC limited to $2.00 USD
  • Keyword-targeted campaigns Only
  • Appear only on
  • Text ads are the only option

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