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Not receiving Google My Business invitation to manage a Business location?

If you are having problems receiving your Google My Business Invite. Chances are you have the one setting as seen below set to unsubscribe. This is how you can change your preferences and directly access all past Pending Invites from Google My Business Manager.

To access Google My Business Notification Settings

  1. First click on the url
  2. Next, check your Brand Account Activity to see which selections that you may not be subscribed to.
  3. Select “You’re invited to manage a Brand Account
  4. That’s it. Your selection is automatically saved.
Google My Business Notification Settings

How to Access Google My Business Pending Invitations:

  1.  First, click on the url
  2. Once you click on the url above, you should see the same screen below.  Click on Pending Invitations
  3. If there are any pending invitations, they will show on the pending invitations page.

Google My Business Pending Invitation