Manning Search Marketing

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Haven’t you heard that saying before? Just think about your investment portfolio if you have one. Chances are, you have a wide range of diverse investments that make your overall investments a lot more stable. Some investments will go up, and some will go down, but overall, it will provide you with a good return on a yearly basis. Sounds logical right? Imagine if you invested all your money into Enron just before it went under, that would be having all your eggs in one basket, and someone stamped the heck out of it.

Have a Complete Marketing Plan

With search marketing, it’s basically the same thing. If your total (or main) business revenue is mainly dependent on the free Google organic listings, then you essentially have all your eggs in one basket.

From time to time, there may be changes with Google that will hurt your business somewhat, but having a diverse portfolio (not totally dependent on Google) will provide you with a much more stable business, and help you sleep better at night as well.

Not Relying Solely on One Engine/Source

These days, when a new website starts up, they do not see an instant magical wave of traffic coming to their site (unless they purchase it with PPC). It takes time and in the beginning stages, this is where you really have to start building your diverse portfolio. It could be incorporating a PPC campaign, email marketing, networking in your community, and/or hiring the right salesperson just to name the few.

Ensuring that you have a diverse portfolio (search marketing campaign), is the best key to continued success and a prosperous business. It just makes sense.