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First of all you may be wondering what is a bounce rate anyways? Some web stat programs provide a bounce rate, this is essentially people that clicked on your listing, come to your site and then quickly leave again. You can also find this information under Visits duration, but it may be under a different heading. This tells you how long people stayed on your site. Anything in the 0 – 30 seconds would surely qualify in the bounce rate range. The lower your Bounce rate the better.

Improve Your Bounce Rate!

The goal of your site is to continue to improve it, give the people what they want. Our goals should be to always lower our bounce rate and work towards improving our Conversions and ROI.

Through monitoring the keyword phrases and the bounce rate, you can get an idea of what keyword phrases are or are not working for your site. For the ones that are not working, Try and see what needs to be updated, try and look at your website from the consumers eyes. Its all too easy to forget that you may have overlooked something that your potential customers are looking for. Other things you can do is check out who else is ranking for similar keyword phrases, and see what those sites are offering. Taking the whole picture into consideration, what areas can be improved on.

Don’t be afraid to test things out. You can always test with PPC using A/B testing pages to see which page is working better. With PPC you get instant results and cuts down on the waiting to see what is work or not. Lower those bounce rates, increase your conversions & ROI and sales, all with the same amount of traffic.