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If you happen to have a hosting account with with hosting Powered-By: ASP.NET, and tried to use their redirect service offered? You may notice that the redirect that offer is a 302 temporary redirect.

We want to pass on any traffic, incoming link juice, traffic, etc and etc. With a 301 permanent redirect, we can achieve this. I’m not sure why never added this option, as they surely have many customers that have their domains registered and hosted with them. It should be noted that when using a 302 Redirect, if left there long enough, Google may Treat this as a permanent redirect.

There is an easy solution!

For your, you will want to keep this on a hosting account, do not use their redirect service as this is a 302 temporary redirect.

Create an index.asp page. The only bit of coding that you’ll need is listed below. Most likely you will need to delete the web.config file, or just rename it so that it won’t be used with the hosting system. Just replace the domain name below with yours, and upload the index.asp page to your account via your FTP program. Just to note, you will want to delete or rename any other index pages, as you just want the index.asp page to be the page that is picked up by the spiders.

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
Response.Status=”301 Moved Permanently”
Response.AddHeader “Location”,””

As always, make a full backup of your files before making any changes.

When you have your index.asp page uploaded, test the redirect with to verify that the redirect is working and reading as 301.