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Original Posting Date: December 13th, 2005

This is an older article I wrote back in 2005. Keeping it posted for reference.

Everyday and throughout the day I often check My Yahoo! page for the RSS feeds that I watch on a daily basis. Today, from, there was an interesting forum posting regarding and if they’ve happened to ban themselves from their own Search engine Google. Here’ the original posting Google Bans Orkut?, and you can find the forum posting here, both are from Search Engine Roundtable.

Some Observations

Ok, so if you search for on Google you end up with nothing. I’ve captured a screen shot, see fig 1. So you can see there’s nothing showing. Now, if you search for Orkut in Google (see screen shot Fig 2), you end up with one of the other urls Google has registered for Orkut, its, and is listed in the second spot. Now what gets interesting, is that has a 302 redirect to, and has a 302 redirect to …. and only is currently listed in Google.

Fig 1

Fig 2


But, it could be that for some reason they blocked Google from indexing the site to save on bandwidth (or some other reason) and not allowing crawlers, but the site is still indexed in MSN and Yahoo currently.

To see how everything unraveled . Check out the forum at SEO Roundtable for the discussion.

Gerard Manning