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Some common questions you may be asking are, how many pages will I need on my website and how should I use these with my optimization campaign.

Ok, far too often I will be checking out some of the local company websites and far too often I see a website that has the exact same title and meta tags for all their pages, and surprisingly enough, I see pages with the word Index for the title of their index page.

Imagine you are walking down the street and there are stores everywhere, but they don’t have anything on their signs, or the signs do not really tell you their products or services? This is the same with the search engine results page (SERPs). It is important to make sure that all your title and meta tags reflect each page appropriately. If you spend all this time and money getting your site prepared, why stop after the design and the site is built out?

So, now matter how many pages you have, take the time to have unique title and meta tags for all your pages, this will be an added benefit for helping people find your website and getting your products/services to your intended customer.

Taking it one step further, when creating your website, first you will want to make sure that you content is original (that its not taken from someone else), and you do not want to create specific pages to trick the search engines. These are commonly referred to as doorway/gateway pages. They have many names but the are basically the same. When you create content for your site, its purpose should be to serve your reader/customer and not to fool the search engines.

When you finish writing each new page, take the time to write new unique title and meta tags for the page. The little time you take doing this will help the site in the search engines.