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When switching hosting companies and/or changing the actual platform that your site is hosted on, windows or UNIX for example. There are some things that you will need to take into consideration. If your site is in ASP, then it will only work on a IIS Server (Windows Based platform). If you designed your site in HTML (using html/htm extensions), then you will have no problem moving to a new platform.

If you plan on changing your site from php to asp (or vice versa) you will also need to know that the rankings those pages have will be lost, so you will need to take the appropriate action to make sure you do not lose the traffic.

PHP & ASP Hosting, Together At Last

The good news is there are program out there today that will allow you to have both PHP and ASP pages on the same server. This is a great addition, and very helpful for those that would like to keep their site intact with their current coding while incorporating either PHP or ASP in to the site.

Switching IP Addresses & Hosting Providers

Anytime you are moving a website from one IP address to another, you should always have both sites up on both IPs to allow the search engines and DNS servers update their records in order to reflect the new IP address. Having the IP address up on both will ensure that there will be no lost in traffic and search engine rankings.

If you are changing hosting companies, typically you purchase them in 1 month intervals. Have your site on both for that month, so if the search engines come to find your site, you’ll be sure to not lose any traffic.

If done right, switching hosting companies should not have hardly any impact to your site/online business. People generally purchase hosting plans on a month to month basis, so it would be worth that extra payment to have your site up on the old and the new hosting company for that one month period. And As always, you should have a full and current back-up of your site at all times.

So, Remember

Have a current back (just incase something goes wrong)
Have your site available on both IPs for a month.
Changing the extensions ASP to PHP will cause you to loose rankings (you will need to setup redirects for each page)