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What happens if you are using Google Local Services (Google Guaranteed), and you target only Residential Services, and you are getting repeated calls regarding Commercial Services? This is a common issue that many are having. Here I’ll look at the current options that are available.

As of Right now Feb 2020, Google Local Services does not differentiate between residential and commercial leads for any of the industries they provide Google Local Services .Many other industries have this same issue. From a call with a Google Support Specialist to discuss this issue for a client the support specialist mentioned that It’s something that Google may be considering, but hasn’t been implemented as of yet. So if you target only Residential and not Commercial, or vice versa, submitting a claim regarding this, it will get denied.

What can you do?

Call Google Local Services support, let them know regarding this issue if it happens to you. This way the support specialist will log it in the system. From there,under the Job Types section, there will be a selection for Other. If this is enabled, this could be the possible cause as it covers everything else aside from the main Job Types you have selected. The option here are to monitor your incoming calls, and if the leads regarding residential vs commercial are still happening. Try disabling Other, and then take note of the leads afterwards.

Only when Google has a selection for Residential and/or Commercial will lead verification be better and claims to be able to go through.

How to Contact Google Local Services Support
(currently available only in US & CA)
PH: (650) 260-5700
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m.–8 p.m. EST

Or use this form to get in touch with the support team