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Google local search for Canada is a great way for the smaller businesses get noticed on the internet, and help people find the products and/or services that much easier.

I’ve added Bing and Yahoo Canada Search info as well. Bing local search is very reliable as it pulls data from Yellow Pages.

On To Canadian Google Search Eh!

Google Canada Search :: 

Additional Information: By Default, even if you search on, it will still default to Any Country. If you strictly want websites from Canada. You will need to click on Tools, then select County: Canada. This will help you with narrowing down your search for Canadian Only Websites.

Refine search for Canada Only Results


Google Local Canada Search ::

Additional Information:  The Good thing about Local search is that it will only return results from that area, so you don’t have to worry about getting similar results as with search with non-Canadian websites.

MSN/BING Canada Search Options

MSN/BING Canada Search ::

Additional Information: Make sure you chooseOnly from Canada’ when searching to narrow your results.

Bing Canada Local Search ::

Additional Information: Local Canadian data is taken from Yellow Pages.

Yahoo Canada Search Options

Yahoo! Search Canada ::

Additional Information: The results are similar as with results, if a website is hosted in Canada (on a Canadian based IP address), it will qualify as a Canadian website no matter where the actual company home-base is.

How to get listed or update your listing in Google Local/Places Business Center

To add your business listing to Google Places, go to

Google Local gathers information from a range of sources including websites and Yellow Pages directory. To update your business listings in the Yellow Pages, you can send an email to Additionally, if your Yellow Pages information is outdated, you can also contact the yellow pages directly as well.

I think this is going to be a great avenue for small and medium sized businesses get more qualified traffic from the internet, and it will make searching the dreaded the Yellow Pages that much easier.