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For those in the world of SEO and PPC, Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool provides a good insight into how popular search phrases are, their popularity, the most popular month including seasonal trends with Google.

Before Google’s Adwords, one of the main choices was Overture. Overture is long gone, and for the free keyword researching services, Google Adwords is the next best choice.

I guess new Google AdWords keyword tool will potentially make Wordtracker finally start adding additional features, especially seasonal trends. Of course certain services and products have seasonal trends, now with the updated keyword tool, based on past Google search data we have more valuable search trends available.

A quick tip when using Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool and conducting an organic keyword analysis. Make sure that you choose the exact option, and if you are targeting regional, to set the proper settings for your country. The data that you will most likely be using for regional searches is the local data, and the numbers will be for the country/region that you set.

For ideas on keywords, you can check out to see what phrases your competition are ranking for. You can check your competition directly, view their content and view the source of their coding to see if they are giving away any info with the keyword tag. But ultimately, the vast list will come with brainstorming ideas and researching on Google adwords. Once you have your keyword list researched, next you will have to consider the competitiveness of the search phrases for your website.

Below you can find additional ways to research keywords for your campaign.

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