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The unsolicited door to doors salesman the other day prompted this annoying spam related article.

Unsolicited Door to Door Sales

I know, this isn’t web related spam, but non the less it’s usually unwanted and you can’t ignore it so easily as those No Spamspammy emails, and it’s usually when you’re going to have dinner/supper that they tend to arrive making the experience that much more enjoyable.

We will be testing out an Unsolicited sign of some sort in the future and see if people will actually notice or not.

Unwanted phone calls/Cold phone Calls

The cold incoming calls that never cease to stop even when being on a do not call list. Even if you don’t answer, they’ll keep calling back. So most time you have to answer.

Google Upsell Spam

Umm… Google, you want more money? Yahoo and Bing not hurting enough in the search traffic wars? For one of my many Google accounts, I noticed an email from Google trying to get me to use adsense on one of my websites. I’m well aware of adsense and its uses, and no, I don’t want to at this time, thank-you.

Also one of the main irritations with Google is that with many of their accounts you are associated with, you have to opt out of the subscribe email list. So this leads to a very cluttered email inbox, where you have to unsubscribe from the same email list on different email accounts. So you have log out and log in multiple times just to stop the Google email spam. Would much rather the Opt-in with big G!

Comment Spam

It is amazing the amount of comment spam that a website can receive, and they are mostly from low quality websites. This can be a bit of a hassle for many websites. Akismet is one of the top sites out there helping to combat comment spam, and the use of Capthas to some extent.

Good ole fashion email spam

All we can do is set spam settings to high, and monitor the spam folder to the actual good emails.